Postpartum Support

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Postpartum support in physiotherapy is a crucial aspect of women’s healthcare that is often overlooked.

 After childbirth, women experience significant changes in their bodies, including weakened pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscle separation, and changes in posture. Unfortunately, women’s postpartum experiences are often disregarded, leading to a lack of knowledge and understanding around the importance of postpartum care. This issue is compounded by societal expectations around women’s bodies, which prioritize appearance over function and health. Feminism advocates for the recognition and affirmation of women’s experiences, including their bodily functions and health. Postpartum support in physiotherapy is an important aspect of feminist healthcare that empowers women to take control of their bodies and overcome the limitations placed on them by societal norms. By providing individualized care and support, postpartum physiotherapy helps women regain strength and function, allowing them to fully participate in their lives as mothers, partners, and members of society.



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